Saturday, November 18, 2017

Easy Cooking for Kids

Here's how you can get your dinner cooked for you and feel good about it.  All families are busy these days and more and more pressure is being put onto parents.  So why not teach the kids to cook!

Starting Out   
Choose an evening each week when it fits in with the children’s after school activities.  If for some reason something comes up on this evening, it is the child's responsibility to swap.

As a rule leave the children to themselves, don’t keep interfering unless they ask for help.  Yes you will get a few mistakes but children learn by mistakes. 

Why is this so wonderful for children?  They learn:

  • to cook and serve a meal
  • to plan a balanced meal
  • to be creative with the ingredients available in the house
  • follow a recipe and improvise where necessary
  • they enjoy it and grow in confidence.
  • they get a sense of achievement when they prepare a meal they like and it all works
  • it is a basic life skill and a great one to have
  • they eat what they cook

For parents it means:

  • a chance to have a 5 minute breather when you get home rather than cook a rushed meal
  • you don’t have to think what to cook
  • a chance to do other things while the meal is being cooked
  • its great to eat someone else’s cooking
  • when it is your turn to cook it is more enjoyable as you’ve had a few days off
  • save money by not going out and buying takeaways when you are too exhausted to cook!
  • a much healthier meal than takeaways

Start with your eldest child (it makes them feel important) and help them choose:

  • something they enjoy eating
  • something simple and easy
  • help and guide them for the first few meals or when they want to try a new idea
  • get the cook to do the complete meal and the dishes. This ensures there aren’t too many dishes and the kitchen is kept tidy.  It also eliminates arguments (over cooking!).
  • ensure children learn about serving a healthy meal which means including meat, veges and carbohydrate.

Here’s how you can start out:

  • Discuss the idea with your children, get them to tell you what they enjoy eating.  Make the idea of cooking a meal achievable.
  • Make a roster
  • Set a start date
  • Offer a reward for the end of a month’s successful cooking eg. A movie voucher
  • Make it fun and achievable for your children…..We recommend using Aria Farm Chips as your meat.  It doesn’t need to be chopped up and its always tender.  And for the child who doesn’t plan, it can be cooked from frozen.