Saturday, November 18, 2017
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Welcome To Aria Farm

A desire to produce a convenience food that is nutritious has turned former Aria sheep and beef farmers Erik and Anna Arndt, into food processors of Beef, Lamb and Chicken Strips.

They contain over 97% beef, lamb or chicken with no added colour or preservative, plus they are gluten and allergen free and take only 6 minutes to cook from frozen.

In May 2010 Pams Vege and Chicken and Vege and Beef, a world first, were launched onto the market, this being a combination of vegetables and meat.

Aria Farm is committed to continual development and supply of the best possible product. The combination of new technology and a practical, commonsense approach have seen the development of unique and innovative products processed in a purpose-built licensed facility.

Distribution of products are now available in most New Zealand supermarkets nationwide.

Aria Farm's also produces a range of products available for the food service industry which continues to increase. The range includes free-flow frozen beef, lamb and chicken mince.


Candice and Family

ImageI am a very busy (and often stressed out!) mother of two year old twins and a 7month old.  Needless to say, when it comes to dinner time it is important that I have on hand something nutritious, tasty, and convenient.  Aria Farm Strips are all of the above...we love them and so do the kids. In fact, they are so versatile that we have had them for dinner, lunch, and even for breakfast!  Thank you for creating such a fuss free yet healthy product!
Candice and family

Jared and son Ashden


Any parent of a child with food allergies knows the excitement and anticipation of discovering a new food that your child can eat. Our son has allergies to gluten, dairy, soy and egg - Aria Farm chips are not only free of all these things but are also tasty, healthy and best of all only take minutes to prepare. We have also had difficulties in the past with our son eating meat but he took a liking to these without a fuss. You certainly have our gratitude and customer loyalty!

Jared and son Ashden.